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Stephen Alderson - 23rd July 2013
Thank you to everyone involved with the North East Championship, everyone had a lovely night and the weather was fab, there were a lot of entries which made it a success. The riders were brilliant with some really good racing, well done everyone!
Stephen, Michelle and James

John Main - 17th October
Great big thank you to all involved at Scottish Championship, Cameron loved it and Kate can only watch and support her brother (at the moment). Another wonderful day at Carville Park and Ride 14/10/12 for the kids, unfortunately rain stopped the fun. Great to see the kids ride their first time in the dark at Warden Law 15/10/12, flood lit of course. Kids are looking forward to the next event. Thanks again, Main family.

Paul Mellor
- 20th September 2012
Brilliant action photos from Round 6 of the Scottish Minimoto Championship at Warden Law - they really capture the excitement of the day!
BikeWise Mini Bike Club can be very proud of providing the opportunity and facilities for these young riders to develop to such a high standard.

Bob Brown
- 20th September 2012
We had another fantastic meeting at Karting NE on Sunday 9th September.
Many Thanks to Alan McIntosh of Polini UK for bringing Rounds 3 & 6 of the Scottish Mini Moto Championship south of the border this year, allowing our BikeWise Mini Bike Club riders to have the opportunity to take part in a championship meeting.
Many Thanks also to :
Chief Inspector Andy Huddleston of Durham Police
The Durham Agency Against Crime (Brian Russell)
Karting North East
for supporting / helping us to provide this opportunity for our club members.
It was great to see all the riders on the grids in their respective classes and the racing was fantastic to watch.
There were some brilliant results on the day, but, it would be wrong of me to name individuals as in my view everyone of you who took part are 'winners'
Thanks for showing motorcycling and BikeWise Mini Bike Club at it's best.
The photo's will be coming online on this website and you'll all be able to see how much fun it was.
Hoping we can gain sponsorship next year to do the same again.
Bob Brown

Mike Hoy
- 18th September
Sunday, September 9th was yet another fantastic BikeWise success in helping bring the Scottish Championship over the border and back to Warden Law.
It was a great days racing enjoyed by everyone. Well done to all the riders, especially those giving racing a go for the first time. (Hopefully it was enough to get you hooked :)
Many thanks to all who made in possible including BikeWise, Polini UK and Karting North East. Thanks for all your continued support for kids learning to ride and race motorbikes.

The Alderson's
- 10th September 2012
A Big thank you to everyone involved in making Rd6 of the Scottish Championship a huge success at Warden Law, what a brilliant day we all had, it is lovely to see how well all the riders have progressed recently, once again the BikeWise kids did us proud.
The Alderson's

Lynne Griffiths - 24th June 2012  
My boy's been to his first mini-bike club meeting and is hooked. Given his difficulties its amazing how motivated and focused he is already!. We loved watching the championships at Warden Law and stayed for a number of hours - this from a boy who cant sit still usually!. Looking forward to many more fab events/days. We were made to feel so welcome and cant thank people enough.

John Main - 21st June 2012
A very big thank you to all involved with 'BikeWise' mini bike club. It's great to see the wealth of experience passed down to youngsters in a controlled, well organised and enjoyable way. To see the kids faces and frustrations (at times) speaks volumes to say the least. My kids and I, hope to continue and attend these great events for many years to come.

Craig Farrage
- 20th June 2012
I know that a lot of people have put a lot of hard work into producing an event like the Scottish Championship at Karting North East and I'd like to take the chance to thank them all here from our whole family for another fantastic day.
Although I know he'll be cursing me for saying It I'd also like to pass on a special thanks to the BikeWise team and Bob in particular for the tireless work they put in to organise events and activities for OUR children throughout the year and tell them how much their efforts are appreciated, as if Jakes face every time he rides didn't do that anyway.
So here's to BikeWise on July 1st and Septembers Scottish meeting, thanks again.
The Farrage’s

Alexander Davies
- 17th June 2012
I attended my first minibike race last weekend having entered Round 3 of the Scottish Championships at Warden Law.
I had a fab day racing and had a laugh watching my Dad be my Pit lane mechanic.
Thanks to the BikeWise team and sponsors for a great day. I'm already looking forward to the next event.
Alexander Davies

Mike, Jill & Jack Hoy
- 16th June 2012
Round 3 of the Scottish Championship held at Warden Law was a fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable day and we'd like to pass on our thanks to all involved for making it happen.
A great venue and a great team of people getting behind our young (and older!) riders.
Here's to Round 6 on 9th September and hopefully I'll do a better job with the bike this time (sorry Jack!)
Thanks everyone,
The Hoy's

The Williamson's
- 16th June 2012
A big thank you to all the team at BikeWise for all the work that has gone into running last weekend and the club .
It is very much appreciated .Nathan really enjoyed his day as we did to .So once again a big THANK YOU !!
The Williamsons

Steve Vasey
- 16th June 2012
What an excellent days racing at Warden Law. It was so refreshing watching families working together and sharing an interest which the kids really enjoyed.
As for the racing, well it was simply brilliant and thoroughly entertaining, the level of skill and trust between riders young and not so young was inspiring.
I will be encouraging members of the Young Riders Fund to visit at least one meeting this year safe in the knowledge as racing fans they will be addicted within the first race.
Thanks to the organisers, riders and long suffering and I suspect out of pocket parents for an excellent day.

Bob Brown
- 15th June 2012
Fortunately the rain stayed away this year and we had a fantastic meeting at Karting NE on Sunday.
Many Thanks to Alan McIntosh of Polini UK for bringing Round 3 of the Scottish Mini Moto Championship south of the border and allowing our local riders to have the opportunity to take part a championship meeting.
Thanks also to :
Chief Inspector Andy Huddleston of Durham Police
The Durham Agency Against Crime (Brian Russell)
Karting North East
for supporting / helping us to provide this opportunity for our club members.
It was great to see all the riders on the grids in their respective classes and the racing was fantastic to watch. (Who needs BSB, WSB or Moto GP when we've got BWMBC...)
There were some brilliant results on the day, but, it would be wrong of me to name individuals as in my view,  you are all 'winners'
Thanks for showing motorcycling and BikeWise Mini Bike Club at it's best.The photo's and video's in our galleries show how far we have come on as a club....
Can't wait till Round 6 on the 9th September
Bob Brown

Michelle, Stephen & James Alderson - 12th June 2012
We would like to thank everyone for making it a fantastic day at the Scottish Championship Round 3, at Warden Law. We really appreciate all the effort that goes into making this happen. The BikeWise kids did great and it was good to see some brilliant racing.
The Alderson's
The Alderson's
- 6th May 2012
Well done to BikeWise for winning The Chairman's Award, we all agree it is a fantastic club and appreciate all the time and effort into making this a success.
James, Stephen and Michelle.
Stewart Menzies -
November 9th 2011
As you now the winter is setting in cold dark wet etc , the last meeting for Warden Law will be the 21st Nov .. we will then be stopping running the mini bike's until the spring of next year.
We do appreciate the support we have had over the last season. I have witnessed some great riding and its good to see the improvement in the riders that have been using the track's .
The Scottish championship was a great success, with very good riders from BikeWise mini bike club .. roll on next season
Stewy  - Karting North East

Dave Walker - August 2nd 2011
Brilliant day and great event.
Not just a race day but a family day out too, Jemma enjoyed herself and is a gutted that her bike wasn't working properly for her to compete in all races.
Big thanks to McIntosh, Bob & Mick, helpers, and sponsors involved in bringing the championship to Warden Law.
Cheers again

Don Churchill - July 10th  2011
We went on holiday just after the Scottish Minimoto Championship races at Warden Law so this is the first opportunity we’ve had to leave a post.
Brilliant day, Chris thoroughly enjoyed himself and was pleasantly surprised to find he was at least a little bit competitive in a strong field.
He had worried that his old bike would not be up to the job but thanks to reassurance from Bob before the event and Alan McIntosh on the day Chris took part and was pleased he did.
Chris has been a member of the Mini Bike club for a few years now and although as he has grown older and his interests have expanded, meaning we do not get to club events as often as we used to, we always enjoy the events we attend. So, many thanks to Bob, Mick, the Bikewise team and of course all the other club members. I hope the club sponsors realise what a tremendous opportunity their contributions to the club make in allowing young people to enjoy such a safe introduction to motorsport and motorcycling and I hope they will continue with their support for the club.
Mike Hoy - July 7th 2011
A massive thank you to everyone involved in bringing Round 3 of the Scottish Championship to Warden Law. We had a fantastic day and all the riders rode brilliantly.
It shouldn't be under estimated how fortunate we are to get this level of support in the region for our youngsters who want to ride and be involved in motorcycling.
Thank you
The Hoy's
John Hickey - July 6th 2011
I would just like to say Sunday’s event at Warden Law was one of the best days so far with the ‘BikeWise team.
My family & I all enjoyed the days racing!
Even with the rain coming down late on, but we all feel the day was a big success & hope that they decide to have another event at Warded Law again.
Stephen Alderson - July 5th 2011A big thank you to everyone involved in the arranging of Round 3 at Warden Law.
Everyone seemed to have a fantastic day and there was some great riding.
We enjoyed watching all the BikeWise members taking part in this event they did us proud.
Stephen, Michelle and James
Simon Guest - July 4th 2011
The Scottish Mini Moto Championship day at Warden Law was a great day, despite the weather. (and even though my son tried becoming superman).
Thank you to all that put the effort into arranging the event and to The Durham Agency Against Crime for their sponsorship.
It's a pity we can't have more similar events in our region.
Simon Guest (Osian's dad)
Alan McIntosh Posted
June 29th 2011 - 14:14
Thanks to all that turned up to Round 3 of the Scottish Polini Minimoto Championship at Warden Law on Sunday.
What a fantastic bunch of people you all are. Hope to see you all soon.
Bob Brown - June 28th 2011
Fantastic meeting at Warden Law on Sunday.
Many Thanks to Alan McIntosh of Polini UK for bringing Round 3 of the Scottish Mini Moto Championship south of the border to let our local riders have the opportunity to take part in the championship.
Thanks also to :
The Durham Agency Against Crime,
HM Plant Ltd,
Durham Advanced Motorcyclists
Karting North East
for supporting / helping us to provide this opportunity for our club members.Most thanks, must go to the riders (and their families), who turned out 'in force', to fill the grids and produce some fantastic racing. It was great to see you all lined up on the grids in your respective classes. - you did the BikeWise Mini Bike Club proud.We did have some brilliant results on the day, but, it would be wrong of me to name individuals as in my mind you are all 'winners'
Thanks for showing motorcycling and BikeWise Mini Bike Club at it's best.
Bob Brown
Jessica Wilson
- 19th June 2011
Thank you for running this amazing club and thank you to all of you who do the photos.
Bob, I love the pictures you did at Warden Law last Monday.
I really appreciate all the time you all put in for us.
Marcus Lumley - April 14th 2011
Many thanks for the warm welcome we were given by everybody at the club.
A special thanks to Bob, John and Gary, without who's help the club would not be here.
Joseph and family had the best time ever and cannot wait to come back next time.
We cannot believe how well run and safe the whole thing is run.
Also a massive thanks for the great web site, because if we had not found it we would not have found the club.
Many Thanks.

Kirsty Simpson  - March 4th 2011
Our boys, Kai and Shay are looking forward to another year in the Bikewise club.
Our boys have been in the club for about three years now and are developing and growing safe riding skills in every session, thanks to all the team who make it happen.
Believe it or not I was not a big bike fan at first but, the team/family spirit and safety involved in being part of the Bikewise gang has changed my perception of motorbikes completely!!
We'll see you all on the track!!!!
Best Wishes Kirsty   (Kai and Shay's mum)

Bob Brown - Dec 20th 2010
Another fantastic year for the club – membership continues to grow and tremendous commitment from our riders, their families and friends of the club. Some notable events were meeting the HM Plant Racing team at BikeWise & Croft, Dale taking to the road after completing his ACE scholarship[ (CBT), Katie racing with the Auto 66 club on her Aprilia and Kai & James competing in the Scottish Mini Moto championship with James bringing home the best Newcomers Award.
However, it has be said that every event we run is notable, for the skill of our riders and the fun we have watching them and long may it continue. Best wishes for Xmas & the New Year.

Craig Farrage - Jul 25th 2010
Just wanted to thank everyone at the club who organised today for OUR kids. 1st time I've been anything other than a visitor to bikewise & it was fantastic. Highlight was trying to get 10 seconds to ask John McGuiness a question only to find out my wife was talking to him for 15mins about our dog & didn't know who it was, priceless. Thanks again to all of you organisers & I look forward to being involved in the club as much as possible from here in.

Samantha Stockill - Jul 15th 2010
I love the club! I dont ride my self but my brother does and i go with him at times. He has just started to ride again but it has lifted his spirit by miles! The club deserves every award it gets!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Katie Williamson - Mar 24th 2010
Hi everyone, My first race is on the 4th April at Elvington (Just outside of york. I'm Really looking forward to it! Hopefully we will be at teeside Autodrome on Friday 12th for testing, I will let you all know how I get on at my first race, really looking forward to it. Thanks a lot Brogie, this year is going to be a learning curve for both me and my dad. Thanks to everyone at Bikewise to for the support! Katie '#106

Steve Brogan  - Feb 25th 2010
Hi guys, I just would like to say how good it is to see the BikeWise mini bike club is getting bigger and better every year thanx to Bob and his team !! It's great to see the young ones being given the opportunity to ride and race in a good safe environment around good people.
I wish you guys all the very best for this years riding and hope to see you all again soon !! And well done to Katie starting to race with auto 66, they are a good club I started racing with them when I was 14 years old :-)

Dave Luscombe (ACU) - Jan 12th 2010
The BikeWise Mini Bike Club is a brilliant example of what can be achieved through provision for young people to ride their bikes safely. This club demonstrates that people only ride motorcycles where they shouldn't, because there isn't somewhere where they should (or could)... If there was a BikeWise club in every local authority area in the UK, illegal riding would virtually disappear. Everyone involved in this project is a 'hero' and should be congratulated on creating something so successful and valuable. Other Authorities - watch and learn!

Karen Cooke - Jan 08th 2010
Had a lovely day when I came to see BikeWise. Can't describe how impressed I was with the dedicated team that make it all happen. The project clearly means so much to them and they love what they are doing. One look at the kids, all ages mixing together, helping each other and laughing and joking demonstrates the great sense of community amongst them. Once they get on the track one look at their faces tells you just how much they love the mini bikes. What a great way to get kids off the streets, giving them a sense of responsibility and more importantly doing something exciting (but safe!). Anyone who says kids shouldn't ride motorbikes should take a look at BikeWise Mini Bike Club! Well done everyone - keep it up, we need more schemes like this.

Mr. Keith Fisher - Jun 05th 2009
Hi Bikewise Mini-Moto site, Your site is very impressive but it is surpassed by your events. I have, as yet, only visited one of your Mini-Moto events and indeed that was only on Sunday last -- 31st. May '09 at your Carrville venue. To say that I was gob-smacked by the very professional organisation, by the safety - first parameters and by the sheer enthusiasm could easily be taken as an insult to those concerned BUT -- I would ask them to accept it as a plainly spoken compliment Besides other things I have a fifty year experience of motorcycling and a personal reputation for being very difficult to impress but I have no hesitation in here recording that "I WAS WELL IMPRESSED ON SUNDAY !"
The basic advantages to the motorcycling fraternity are there and are plain to see but the whole concept ticks so many, so diverse, social boxes too that I could (and will) be bringing this to the attention of others. I realise that the whole thing is now a team effort and I unreservedly applaud that reality BUT I also recognise that someone had to start it and someone has to make it happen. That person / persons, will wish to remain nameless but I must here record my admiration for them ALL in the knowledge that they will know if that particular "cap" actually fits them personally.
It is my opinion that the boundless enthusiasm and energy deployed by some key members is worthy of formal recognition.
Very Best Wishes
Keith Fisher J.P.

Stuart Williamson - Apr 18th 2009
cant make minibike meeting on the 26th will be at the isle off man that weekend katie should still make it though see you all at the next one stu.

Oliver Plumpton - Apr 13th 2009
Great website. I especially liked watching the mini bikes with the Snow Patrol sound track! Good work fella. Bikewise is a great site with good reach. I was having a coffee at Minchella's in Shields today when some biker's were talking about it and how good it was that Durham Police have a bikers website. It prompted me to get in touch. I'm pleased to be a biker and to work with you guys on the support side. Cheers, Ollie.

John Attle  - Apr 09th 2009
Many thanks to Paul Henry and the Bikewise mini-bike club for the tickets to see the NEMRC meeting at Croft Racing Circuit. Sam, Josh and myself had a great time......John

Stuart Williamson  - Dec 23th 2008
great meeting sunday nice to see every one again.nice photos john all the best to all the bikewise team for christmas and a happy new year

Andy Hammill  - Dec 23th 2008
great photos from the christmas meeting john you managed to capture the day brilliantly!

Alex Crowther - Dec 21th 2008
Today Was Amazing ! Great Meeting + Great People !
Alex x

Alan McIntosh (Polini UK) - Dec 19th 2008
Well done for getting your club of the ground. People can sometimes take a club like this for granted but i know how much hard work there has to be behind the scenes to make it happen! Hope we can see you all at a Scottish event some day. Fantastic web site, all the best Alan.

Stuart - Dec 11th 2008
like the web site if we don't get to see you all before Christmas Katie and i wish you all the best for xmas and the new year

zak (varmint) - Dec 10th 2008
hi everyone the new website is brill but am wonderin when the next bikewise is on can anyone enlighten me thanks

Katie ( The Dentist) - Dec 9th 2008
This Group is amazing !! I am so glad i joined it and i would highly recommend it to everyone !!
The Dentist ..xx

Bob Brown  - Dec 9th 2008
Thanks to all the members, their families & supporters of the club who 'make' BikeWise Mini Bike Club what it is....

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